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Honkai Impact 3 is an action game with beautiful and extremely attractive Anime graphics. Set in the future when the earth is attacked and controlled by evil forces, you will be playing the role of Valkyrie warriors chosen to fight to protect the existence of the planet.
[Game Introduction]
miHoYo's flagship product and Genshin Impact's companion game!

Hyperion command system ready. Processing login request... Verified.
Attention, all units! Safety catches unlocked! Download engine transferring high concentrations of energy. Login countdown: 10, 9, 8...
"Captain on the bridge."
Welcome to Hyperion, Captain! From today onwards, you are our Captain!
Come fight for all that is beautiful in the world with us!

HD cel-shaded graphics, infinite combo, ultra-tight controls... Experience next-gen real-time action!
Epic storyline spanning works, immersive stage dialogues, celebrated VA lineup... Become the center of the legend!
More elements including Valkyrie customization, open-world exploration, base building, racing, shooting, and co-op spice up the game like never before!

Get along with a diverse cast of Valkyries and their bonds will become your strength!
Join Valkyries in the war against Honkai to save the fantastic Honkai-verse!

[New Version Content]

[SP Battlesuit | Prinzessin der Verurteilung!]
"In the name of the Prinzessin, you shall be punished for your sins!" SP battlesuit [Prinzessin der Verurteilung!] debuts!
As the first BIO-type archer, she can quick-fire in conjunction with Oz and cast QTE on the field to assist teammates!

[Crossover Event | Outworld Quest]
The city of freedom protected by winds, the tale of swords where thunders clash, the finale sung by ice and fire... What will happen when technology and magic come together?
Don't miss the upcoming crossover event! Play and get Celestial Hymn's new outfit [Heat of Trifolium], [Prinzessin der Verurteilung!] Fragments, and memento [Outworld Quest Emblem]!

[Chapter XXV Updates]
After a nightlong respite, Kiana was pulled into the Theater of Domination and Anti-Entropy was stricken by another crisis. The play is reaching its climax, but for whom will the curtains fall?
Chapter XXV coming soon!

Honkai Impact 3rd Subscription and Google Subscription Explained

1. Types of Subscription
[Adventure Commander] ($3.99 for 30 days)/($9.99 for 90 days)/($17.99 for 180 days) gives the following daily rewards during subscription:
Stamina Potion x2, 200 Asterite, 1000 Mithril, 50% Captain EXP Chip x1

[Valkyrie Guild] ($9.99 for 30 days)/($25.99 for 90 days)/($47.99 for 180 days) gives the following rewards daily during subscription:
Valkyrie Fragvyom x1 (Gives one of the following by choice: Night Squire Fragment x1, Stalker: Phantom Iron Fragment x1, Yamabuki Armor Fragment x1, Valkyrie Pledge Fragment x1.)
Valkyrie Lucky Chest x1 (Gives random battlesuit fragment x1 and ADV EXP Chip x1.)

2. Collecting Subscription Rewards
Subscription rewards are issued by in-game mail upon your first login daily. If you have not received your subscription rewards, please restore your subscriptions or log in again.

3. About Auto-renewal
Subscriptions on Google Play renew automatically unless you unsubscribe manually. Please note that uninstalling the game does not cancel auto-renewal. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before a subscription period ends. If you wish to cancel your subscriptions, you will need to turn off auto-renewal at least 24 hours before a subscription period ends. Failure to do so would result in your account being auto-charged for renewal.

4. User Agreement

5. Privacy Policy

6. Canceling Subscription
Use an Android device to log in to Google Play with the correct account, tap the "Subscription" in "Menu" to find the subscription you would like to cancel (e.g. Honkai Impact 3rd), and choose "Cancel Subscription".

Customer Support
Should you encounter any issues, please feel free to reach out to our in-game customer support.
Customer support team: [email protected]
Official site: https://honkaiimpact3.mihoyo.com/global/en-us
Facebook page:

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